April 2021

April 2021

“Rescue the perishing, care for the dying, Jesus is merciful, Jesus will save”

Dear Ones in Christ,

As I think of the current situation in India and the work to which we are called, the words of this old hymn are often on my mind.  We are on a rescue mission for the Lord Jesus Christ.

Recently IEM has taken on a new evangelist to work in north India. I won’t share specific names or locations, but I want to share some exciting news from this evangelist. We’ll call him “Sam.” I hope you are encouraged as I am to continue praying for the country of India.

Recently Sam encountered a man in a community who lived with his extended family of 12 people. This man had been ill and bedridden since May 2020.  Our worker Sam met with him and talked with him about Jesus Christ and told him that Jesus could heal him. Sam prayed for this man and shared the gospel with him.  The man was completely healed, and he is now able to sit up and do his work!  He has been regularly reading a New Testament, and now his entire extended family has accepted Christ as their Savior.

Sam also regularly visits and meets with about 150 families in another village. Most of these people are struggling to find work.  They do what they can, Sam says, selling honey from the local beehives, weaving handmade baskets out of bamboo trees to sell, just to survive. Sam has a weekly prayer service in his home, and some of these families have started to attend. He asks for prayer for the work of God in this community.

At India Evangelical Mission, our calling is to be part of God’s work–to follow where He leads and to be part of his great rescue mission. Jesus will save! Please continue praying for those still suffering from the Covid-19 pandemic and for IEM’s ongoing food kit distribution ministry. Thank you so much for your partnership. We love you all very much and remember you in our prayers.

Yours in His Service,

G.V. Mathai