February 2023

February 2023

 May the Lord direct your hearts to the love of God and to the steadfastness of Christ.”

  II Thessalonians 3:5

Beloved Ones in Christ,

As Paul prayed in II Thessalonians, I pray that the Lord is directing your hearts to the love and steadfastness of Christ. It is this love and steadfastness that enables us to live our lives and serve the Lord.  

I was encouraged on this last trip to India in December and January to have returned to Mumbai. Because of Covid restrictions, I had not been there in almost three years. As I mentioned in last month’s prayer letter, I was able to travel with my son Dayan and my daughter Mishal and her family (Len, Schuyler, Ethan and Luke). 

Over the last ten years, IEM has fostered several church plants in various slum areas in and around Mumbai. On one of the days we were in Mumbai, my children and grandchildren traveled to several slum areas and had the opportunity to see and to meet people who are living in these poor areas and who are now part of the local congregation. I’m glad they were able to meet and pray with many people in these slum areas and to experience the living conditions that millions of people are enduring.

Please pray for the pastors who are leading these small congregations in the slums. We met with all of them and heard reports about the growth of their congregations, despite many difficult circumstances. Our prayer is to develop an ongoing food kit distribution program in these slum areas. The pastors are very excited about this new ministry opportunity. Also, we are seeking to develop a Sunday School program for the many children in these communities who are excited to learn about the Gospel. These people have many needs, but these are two practical things we are developing to encourage the believers there. 

The repairs and painting on our campus in Kerala are still ongoing, and we are pleased that the much-needed repairs are going well. We hope to have the campus ready for the next Leadership Training Institute, which is scheduled to begin in April. At this year’s LTI we are looking to train at least 80 working professionals with sound biblical doctrine and tools for evangelism. Our Bible College and Children’s Home are operating smoothly. God willing, our enrollment in these programs will continue to grow.

Although I (G.V.) have many health issues, I was so grateful that the Lord enabled me to travel to India again and minister to the people there. I was strengthened during my time there and am so thankful for your prayers and support. I also remember all of you in my prayers—you are such a blessing to me. Let us continue to work together for God’s Kingdom. 

With Much Love,

G.V. Mathai and Dayan Mathai